New Elder Care Housing Could Be Funded By Methodist Church

Reverend Charlie Gibbs

Funding for elder care social housing on the site of the current secondary school could potentially come from a partnership between a Methodist care provider charity and the council and involves selling the Methodist chapel and the manse.

That’s an initial idea put forward by the Reverend Charlie Gibbs.

He hasn’t run it past the church yet, but Charlie says he just wants to think outside the box and start a dialogue that could find a solution for care needs in the future.

Charlie says he understands that the chapel is considered sacred by some but a bespoke, modern area for worship, that’s easier to maintain and better suited to the size of the congregation, could be part of a development for elder care.

And for rare occasions when the congregation is larger than around 70 people, the parish church could be used.

Charlie says Methodist Homes for the Aged, the charity he’s proposing to run the scheme, is a well established organisation. Charlie has worked previously as a Chaplain in one of their homes and says they are at the cutting edge of dementia care.

And he thinks that this could be an opportunity for the congregation to show concern for the local community and ‘put its money where it’s mouth is.’