Memory Cafe Looking For Support From Coop Shoppers

Organisers of the Memory Cafe and the Wednesday afternoon club for older islanders are hoping that Coop shoppers will help them win £2000 in a national website vote.

1700 groups have applied to the Cooperative Community Fund and Scilly’s Older Persons’ Support Volunteers have made it through.

They’ll find out whether they have been successful at the end of August.

Jenny Byers admits that there could be other causes which could attract a much larger number of voters but she remains hopeful, saying “At time like this the community rallies and surprises everyone”.

The money is needed to furnish a new room for the group.

They’ll be leaving their current Wednesday afternoon base at St Mary’s Golf club and Friday afternoon memory cafe sessions in the Church Pavilion for  a free space in the current primary school after the new school opens in

14 people, aged between 84 and 95, enjoy the weekly sessions.

Jane Chiverton says they will still occasionally visit the golf club but having a permanent base with storage for CD players, equipment for games like Hoy and exercise balls will be an improvement because at the moment she’s carting items around on her bicycle.

The group will also need  to find cash for a kitchen.

You’ll be able to vote soon on the website