Car Drivers Warned To Take Care With Golf Buggies

Our islands’ Police have issued a request for drivers to take care when overtaking golf buggies.

PC Mat Collier warned that drivers have been impatient when overtaking the buggies, which have a maximum speed of around 15mph, and he’s asked drivers to wait and find a safe place to pass.

He added that, although some drivers find them a nuisance, the buggies have a right to be on the road and they’re here to stay, so drivers need to learn to deal with them safely.

However, Mat added that the police would be looking out for buggie drivers carrying children without car seats, saying he’d witnessed one driver carrying a two year old on his knee without restraint.

Car seats cannot be fitted to the buggies being used on our roads.

And PC Mark Blythe requested that buggie drivers use the same rules as any other road users and be sensible when parking.