St Martin’s Gallery Celebrates 20th Birthday

An off-island art venue celebrates its twentieth birthday today.

The North Farm Gallery on St Martin’s is marking the occasion with an open evening. Gallery Manager, Sue Murray told us there will be drinks and nibbles and boats laid on from St Mary’s.

She added that there will be lots of new works on display.

Gallery founder and artist Sue Lewington still spends a great deal in time on the islands painting and drawing and this evening’s event will launch “Scilly Notes”, her new book.

Sue says the book is set out unusually like a notebook, so people can add their own sketches and thoughts.

When asked about her style of painting, Sue said she likes recording a small area at different times of the year and under different weather adding it teaches you ‘to look for and appreciate the small things in life rather than the big picture postcard views’.

Old Quay on St Martin’s is favourite scene for her and she says shes drawn it hundreds of times but always in different ways.

Sue will be supported by artists who have become close friends over the years adding her friendship with fellow artist Oriel Hicks has been important to her.