Uncertainty Remains Over Scilly Health Practice

There’s still uncertainty over how our islands’ health centre practice will be operated with the departure of Dr Dalton and Dr Jefferies.

NHS bosses were expected to make an announcement on who will run the service last Thursday but have instead just said it’s business as usual.

We understand that the primary care trust was approached by two practices that wanted to provide the service for Scilly. One was found to be unsuitable for our needs and another, a combination of two practices at St Ives and Helston has been considered.

Sources tell us that a contract for just one year was under discussion.

One of the unique challenges in Scilly has been the requirements to fulfill specialist hospital skills as part of the role and on-call hours are said to be considerably higher than a doctor would normally face.

The Associate Director of Primary Care, Julia Corey, says that patients will continue to have access to the same level of GP cover as before.

All the current staff will remain at the practice and there will be new locums for a temporary period.

Dr Gringhuis will continue her arrangements for seeing female-only patients on a monthly basis, according to the statement.

The NHS says that they are exploring options for working more closely with the council by exploring delivering more joined up services.

Its not known whether any islands patients lives have been put at risk
through a series of serious medical mistakes in operating theatres
within the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust which are now being
investigated by the most powerful health watchdog.
The care quality commission  made a surprise visit to Treliske
Wednesday. The inspectors are looking into breaches of procedure and
safety which may have brought death or harm to a patient. They call
these never events, because they should never happen. All occured in
in operating theatres. The mishaps could include removing parts of the
body that they shouldn’t be removed or leaving equipment inside
patients. The trust has stated that have been five of these never
events over the last 25 months and two this year in operating
theatres. Its not been revealed whether the incidents happened in
Treliske, St Michaels in Hayle or the West Cornwall in Penzance. The
watchdog has the power to prosecute the trust or even to call off all