St Agnes Boating To Develop Online Booking

St Agnes Boating has launched a consultation with the public on plans to develop their online booking and information services.

The idea is to improve the visitor experience by offering more info, in line with suggestions made by the Blue Sail tourism consultants.

John Peacock is going for Local Action Group funding again to upgrade his online service so that departing passengers can book boats in advance.

All the boat operator will need is the passenger’s departure point, time and flight number and the website will work out their arrival time at St Mary’s quay and give them the opportunity to book on the next scheduled trip or a special charter.

John Peacock says he’s working with the travel operators to make this seamless.

The proposal will also encourage data sharing with other islands’ businesses to reduce the
amount of luggage they have to move and cut down the carbon footprint.

John says they want to work with St Agnes Post Office in promoting their plans to put their booking form on the web and he hopes to buy a high specification video camera so Agnes schoolchildren can make videos to share on the boating website.

The boats will also be fitted with marine trackers so people will be able to see where the
boats are on a map of Scilly using AIS technology on the Internet.