Tourist Brochure Will Go Out Earlier This Year

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

Next year’s Isles of Scilly tourism brochure will be delivered earlier this year at the end of October and booking forms will go out from this week.

Sophie Hughes told the Tourist Board that Gendall Design, who created this years guide will be doing it again.

Requests for paper copies have remained bouyant – from January to the end of April there have been 20,000 requests for copies from the trade and 4605 from indiviuduals.

And Councillors have also heard that booking levels for holidays in Scilly in August are looking healthy.

Hughtown Tourist Information Centre staff have contacted brochure advertisers and have heard that self catering accommodation is 87% booked.

Bed and breakfasts are 66% occupied and three quarters of half board spaces are taken.

In April the TIC dealt with an average of 109 enquiries in person, online or on the phone each day.

More information will be on offer for tourists as the TIC chalkboard will revert to events details while commercial promotions will be moved to a new electronic display, that should be up and running within a few weeks.

Another area that the Tourism team has been working to improve iscthe experience of the cruise ship visitors.

Volunteers are meeting and greeting ships on St Agnes and St Mary’s and a fold-out pocket map, highlighting things to do on St Mary’s, has been given free to cruise ship passengers.

The guide, which was designed by Kaydee Torbet of the Council Economic Development Department, could be extended with off-island editions in the future.

Cllr Mike Nelhams said that things were going very well a third of the way into this year’s cruise programme and he said that there was a marked difference with the boatmen’s willingness to work with the cruise ships.