Drunken Incidents Tarnish Holiday Weekend

The new school build project

St Mary’s Police says they’ve had a busy weekend dealing with three incidents of drunken behaviour.

PC Mat Collier says he doesn’t want to tarnish the reputation of contract builders but all three cases involved workers brought over to the islands to work on building projects.

One builder working on the new school build ended up in the cells on Saturday night. He was locked up after he failed to heed police warnings to go home quietly after being warned about his alleged inappropriate language and behaviour.

And on Friday, a man who was ejected from the Porthcressa Disco ended up with an £80 ticket for allegedly creating a drunken disturbance. He accepted it reluctantly according to officers.

Officers are also investigting a complaint against a male who is working on the Police station refurbishment after a Bishop and Wolf staff member alleged she was spat at.

Mat says he has spoken with one of the employers who engaged the men and  they are keen to deal with the complaints.

Mat says he also intends to talk to publicans about serving people who may already be too intoxicated.