Council No Longer Accepting Cheques For Many Services

The Council is to cease accepting cheque payments for certain transactions after 30th June 2011.

This is due to the withdrawal of the guarantee service by UK banks as the use of cheques has declined in recent years.

In practice this means that where a customer receives a service or can takeownership of goods at the time of payment, the council will no longer accept cheques.

Goods and services sold in the Tourist Information Centre (TIC), gym fees, swimming pool entrance charges, children’s services payments for equipment hired, airport landing fees payable by ad hoc customers, library fees for use of a computer and lifelong learning courses will no longer be payable by cheque.

However, the Council will still accept cheques for water, trade waste, Council Tax, business rates, registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships, as persons who owe money can be traced should their cheques ‘bounce’.