Agnes Set For Battle Of The Pork Pies

St Agnes’ Turks Head Pub hosts its first Pork Pie and Real Ale competition tomorrow (Sunday).

The challenge is to produce your own, home-made pork pie.

It’s a new events in the Scilly calendar and landlord Rob Anderson hopes it will be the first of many.

Rob reckons a pork pie and real ale are ‘a marriage made in heaven’ but he admits the pies are not the easiest food to make, especially getting the pastry right.

And he admits he’s been on the internet trying to find out the secrets of the famous Melton Mowbray pies.

Rob told us there were three chefs in the Turk’s Head kitchen making pies, all secretly, and he thinks there will be a number of takes of the classic pork pie.

He’s come up with a standard means of scoring – there’ll be points for presentation, appearance and flavour as well as originality.

And Rob says they’ll have a WI official from the mainland, who is used to judging competitions, to judge the pies.

The judging starts at 11:30am and the pork pies will be available in the pub afterwards.


Interview with Rob Anderson from the Turk’s Head, brought to you by Radio Scilly