Prepare To Get Wet At Tresco Raft Race


New Grimsby Harbour, venue for Sunday's Tresco Raft Race

Islanders are being encouraged to build and then skipper their own boats to cross New Grimsby Harbour in the second Tresco Raft Race taking place tomorrow.

Tamasin Bridge, one of the organisers, says the challenge is finding an unusual way to get yourself across the harbour and you can make the raft on the day or prepare one beforehand.

Tamasin added that she hasn’t a clue what her team are making theirs out of, although she’s heard that this year there may be a raft made out of a bathtub, and one out of a fridge.

Someone crossed the harbour in a pram last year.

But Tamasin says its really about sheer determination and muscle power rather than design.

It’s not just a Tresco event and this year, there will be rafts from St Martins and Bryher taking part.

There’ll be a BBQ and bar during the afternoon too.

The cash raised will go towards the garden project that has been underway at Tresco and Bryher School over the last few months.

The Tresco Raft Race takes place at 2pm on 29th May at New Grimsby beach and it should take around 10 minutes to get from the harbour side to the Flying Boat Club slip.


Interview with Tamasin Bridge, talking about the Tresco Raft Race, brought to you by Radio Scilly