Tourist Board Officials Appointed

Christine Savill, new Chair of the Tourist Board

Councillor Christine Savill has been re-elected as Chairman of the Tourist Board.

It could be the last year for the body if plans to merge it, Island Tourism and Island Marketing into one super-body go through.

Sabine Schraudolph took the Vice Chair role.

Chris Hopkins hasn’t sought re-election to his Deputy Vice Chair role – that role will now be taken by Gaz O’Neil.

Juliet May recently resigned from the Chairmanship of Island Tourism and didn’t want to go for Vice Chair of the Tourist Board again.

Councillor Savill paid tribute to Juliet’s tourism work, saying you couldn’t define the contribution she’d made.

Christine wanted it noted that the Council committee had expressed their appreciation of the service that Juliet had made to tourism on the islands, adding Juliet always dropped what she was doing to help even if it impinged on her own business.

Sabine referred to Juliet’s resignation as a loss.