St Mary’s Harbour Sees Three Accidents In A Single Evening

Surprise in St Mary's Harbour yesterday

Three accidents in St Mary’s harbour overnight on Wednesday have left two boats damaged, a man overboard and a second man injured.

At 11.30pm on Wednesday night, at the height of the storm, three French yachtsmen were mooring a 40ft chartered yacht when they were caught by the wind with their sail up and shot across the harbour.

They tried to counteract the motion by using the motor in reverse but  only stopped when they slammed into the Surprise portside, causing substantial damage.

The damage was above the waterline but the boat will need to be taken to Porthloo yard for inspection and repairs and will be out of the water over the holiday weekend.

The sailors, who are set to depart the islands this morning, have presented their insurance details to the harbourmaster.

Damage to the port side of Surprise

Next, at  3.30am yesterday morning, another French vessel broke its mooring and a man went overboard.

He was quickly pulled out but during the commotion they collided with a British yacht. That boats’ skipper suffered severe rope burns to his hands while trying to stop his boat breaking free.

And in a third incident the same night, someone ran into Terry Perkins’ boat, The Lightning. No-one has yet admitted liability.

Luckily the damage is superficial and won’t affect operations.