Helicopter Company To Run Sightseeing Trial In Scilly

A London-based company is set to ‘test the water’ for pleasure helicopter flights around Scilly.

Adventure 001 Helicopters is the biggest company of its type in the UK and they met with Council and airport officials yesterday about running short, six minute flights at £25 a time around St Mary’s in June and August.

They’re doing it to see if there is demand for a more regular summertime service in 2012.

Neil McLaren from Adventure 001 says he knows the area well and thinks Scilly is a perfect, ‘helicopter friendly’ location for sightseeing by chopper and they’ll be targeting both visitors and locals.

Neil says they’ll have few restrictions on where they can fly, so could even allow residents to see their own house from above.

The company uses Bell ‘Jetranger’ helicopters which Neil describes as a classic ‘James Bond’ style chopper. These seat four passengers so, with 9 flights an hour they’ll be able to carry around 200 people a day.

Neil McLaren from Adventure 001

Neil added that the Jetrangers are much quieter than the Sikorskys used by British International on the Penzance-St Mary’s route, which should hopefully remove any potential issues with noise.

If all goes well with the trial, the service could be here for six weeks next year.




Listen to an interview with Neil McLaren, brought to you by Radio Scilly