Proposed Park House Replacement Not Just For Elderly

Park House

The Council’s proposed elder-care housing may not now be just for the elderly.

The  proposed housing development to replace Park House could also house younger vulnerable adults and people with mental health issues who want to live independently.

The plan is to build the self-contained units and shared community facility on the site of the current secondary school at Carn Thomas.

But the Council officer driving the scheme, Aisling Hick, says they cannot be too exclusive in defining a potential tenant.

And she says they won’t apply for planning consent until they know the money will be there to pay for it.

Aisling says there isn’t a pot of money like that available for the new school build and Council staff are trying every route they can for the money required. It’s thought the project would cost in the region of £8 million.

School site at Carn Thomas could be boarded up

The delay in sourcing cash could mean that the current school site gets boarded up after the new school and sports hall open in the autumn.

All sources of funding are being pursued, says Aisling, including The Homes and Communities Agency, the NHS and creative solutions like the National Lottery or contacting social philanthropists.

It’s hoped the project team can find a funding body that will release cash on an ongoing basis or upfront rather than paying out at the end of the project as often happens with European funds.

However, if all schemes being planned by the Council are to go ahead, including elder care housing, Porthcressa Regeneration and potentially a St Mary’s Quay development, there could be significant cashflow challeneges for the Council.

Aisling says if they have to make a decision, they will go with the ones which are most likely to come off.

Full community consultation will continue as plans are refined, she added.