New Sports Hall To Be Named In Honour Of The Queen

The new sports hall under construction at Carn Gwarvel

There will be a lasting reference to the Queen’s visit to St Mary’s on June 3rd.

The new four court sports facility, next to the current pimary at Carn Gwarvel, will be named the Queen Elizabeth Community Sports Hall and Council Chief Executive Philip Hygate is delighted that the request has been granted.

Philip says the request had to go through the Cabinet Office and the Palace, before being personally approved by the Queen and he says it shows the Royal family have a real interest in Scilly.

Work isn’t yet completed on the new sports hall but already planners have been asked to agree an extension to the building.

Chief Planner Craig Dryden admitted that the structure was large but the extension proposed was minor.

The body that funded the project has come back with some extra requirements which mean the build needs to be slightly altered.

Sport England want the hall to have an internal viewing area so people can watch the sports and that means the plant room and external store would be pushed outwards requiring an extension.

Sport England have been criticised by councillors for the time it took them to make a decision on funding.

David Pearson suggested that they have moved the goalposts and Richard McCarthy, staying with the football analogy, said they didn’t didn’t offer gold posts in the first place.

As the existing flat roof would now be too low, planners have agreed that the existing pitched and tiled roof to the main stall can be extended.

The small, high-level windows at the gable end are coming out of the plan as well and its thought the building would have a more uniform look without them.