Planners Reject Ventilation Flue At Hotel

St Mary's Hall Hotel

St Mary’s Hall Hotel will be able to keep the decking they laid over their flat roof on the first floor level.

The work was completed in April and planning permission was applied for retrospectively.

Some neighbours are worried about the area being used by guests and there were written concerns that there may be smokers on the deck.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden says it has been passed on the understanding that guests can’t use it.

The applicants’ agent said the work was undertaken to improve their appearance of the rooftop.

The offending ventilation flue

Planners rejected another retrospective application for a new ventilation cowling from the kitchen.

Amanda Martin said some residents had commented on the appearance of the galvanised steel flue and Craig said it is noticeable from many places in St Mary’s.

The Council part time environmental health officer will be asked to advise on what could be an effective solution in terms of compliance and appearance.