Scilly Guides Win Mainland Cookery Competition

Jess Kirk, member of the winning team from the Guides

Four Scilly Guides have won a cooking contest on the mainland this weekend.

Saph Heaton, Jess Kirk, Phoebe Kirkby and Tean Webb travelled by themselves on the helicopter to be met by the County Commissioner, who took them to Condurro Camp near Truro.

They took on twelve other Guide Patrols from Cornwall in the task of creating Mediterranean-themed dishes.

Jess Kirk says they had a creative menu which included kebabs, chicken with herbs and stuffed tomatoes, a challenge when considering that the food was cooked in billy cans on an open fire which they had to build and light themselves.

Jess says the girls worked against the clock with a two hour time limit to win the prize adding that their competitors were unhappy at not winning but the islands’ girls were ecstatic.

Fiona Robson, Scilly’s Guide Boss says the girls sang all the way back on the helicopter.