New Buildings For St Martin’s Quay

Concrete shelter on Higher Town Quay to be replaced by new buildings, including waiting room

The concrete shelter on the Higher Town quay at St Martin’s will be demolished and a new set of buildings put up in its place, after planners backed a Duchy of Cornwall application.

There’ll be a tractor shed and dry storage for small packages plus a waiting area for passengers with windows to view the quay while waiting for boats.

The maximum height of the timber-clad, slate blue corrugated roofed building will be 4.45m.

The original pedestrian access will be closed and a new pedestrian and vehicle access will be formed to the front of the proposed building.   

Cllr Roy Duncan confirmed that planners would allow the existing concrete shelter, described as unsightly by the chief planning officer, to be knocked down.

Cllr Christine Savill backed the plan but she wasn’t sure about the colouring of the windows and she wanted the Duchy to store building materials away from view adding there had been a lot of work on the island over the winter and some concerns were raised.

She also didn’t like the dismantling of a stone wall but she did point out that the Duchy had asked for comments from the community ahead of the planning meeting.

 Cllr John Goddard abstained in the vote that granted  planning consent, saying some people don’t want the work done at all.