MP Slams Poor BT Service On Scilly

Scilly’s BT customers are getting bad service on the islands, according to our member of Parliament.

MP Andrew George has taken up the case of residents who say they’re not getting anywhere when placing orders for phone lines.

There doesn’t appear to be any issue with the islands’ BT engineers, who have been described as helpful and attentive but the problem seems to be at the call centre and with BT systems, where orders are getting lost and not passed on to the local staff.

Andy Finch tells Radio Scilly he has waited nine weeks for a new line.

He just wants to take his old number from this former address within the same St Mary’s exchange but his numerous calls to BT haven’t been returned.

Appointments haven’t been met and he’s dreading his next mobile bill because he’s had to make long calls to the BT call centre.

Ritchie Christopher has a home phone package with Orange but he says he’s been waiting 8 weeks for the order to be picked up by BT Openreach who complete the work on the islands.

Ritchie has complained to Ofcom who told him to go to the ombudsman after eight weeks or change provider.

MP Andrew George says BT are offing a bad service to Islanders

BT press Officer, Jason Mann, says they’re monitoring the order from Mr and Mrs Finch in order to ensure that service is provided as soon as possible, but Andy Finch says he’s not holding out much hope as they’ve made promises that haven’t been kept before.

The BT spokesman says two recent orders on the islands didn’t go ahead because of missing or an accurate information but there has not been a widespread problem.

Our MP doesn’t agree and says he’s had a significant mailbag about BT failures in processing orders and the problem seems to be more administrative than technical.

We understand that part of the problem is because BT has been split into different companies with Wholesale providing the sales function and Openreach doing the technical work. 

Andrew George says he chased the Chief Executive of BT and their PR department about the islands’ problems last week.

He feels that bad publicity is the best way to try and encourage BT to deal with the problem.