Tresco Ale and Music Festival Starts Today

Robin Lawson, landlord of the New Inn on Tresco

The 19th Ale and Music Festival takes place on Tresco from today.

And landlord of the New Inn, Robin Lawson, says around 2,500 pints are likely to be drunk.

Robin has been scouring the Westcountry looking for new beers for this years festival and told us he has 27 real ales this year, 16 of which are entirely new to Scilly.

He says theres some caché for the small breweries in being chosen for Scilly’s big beer festival, the most Southwesterly in the country.

And this year he’s tried to find some beers that are a bit weaker, saying he’d learnt from previous festivals that “giving people 8% proof beer makes them fall over pretty fast!”

Robin says the event takes some organisation with the beer needing to arrive at least a week beforehand to make sure it gets here and that “nothing has exploded in transit.” Many beers can’t come in any earlier as they only have a life in the barrel of 5-6 weeks.

And when asked about complaints next day from other-halves about the smelly after effects of real ale, he told us his wife would probably agree.

Live music this year is from ’59 Ford’, a 4 piece rock n roll band from Dartmouth. They visited ast year as a 2 piece and the full will perform tonight and tomorrow lunchtime.