Music And Kebabs Draw Crowds To St Agnes

Scene from last night's live music event on St Agnes

The organiser of a live music event on St Agnes last night is happy with how things went and with the attendance level.

Country and Blues band, Lost Eleven, left a packed and happy Island Hall on Agnes, shouting out the chorus lines when they wound down a two hour set at a quarter past midnight.

The five-piece, Portishead-based combo, who played Tresco over the weekend, rounded off a lively night.

And Turk’s Head landlord, Rob Anderson reckons it wasn’t just the music that drew vistors from St Mary’s – it was also the kebabs adding, “when you’ve seen a band and had a few beers, it’s lovely to have a kebab for your walk home.”

Rob Anderson, Landlord of the Turk's Head

The music  kicked off soon after eight with reformed local outfit, Nut Rock, playing their first gig for two years.

There was some confusion during the day over whether there would be boats to the St Agnes music event as not all boats are licensed to operate later in the evening with a cut-off point of one hour after nightfall.

But after a morning of fears that there wouldn’t be a service, arrangements were set in place that meant St Mary’s residents made the trip.

Rob said he enjoyed the night but he doesn’t think he could create anything to rival the former Camel Rock event on St Mary’s.