Go Ahead Given For New Generator On St Agnes

Current generator site on St Agnes

Planners have approved a new electrical electricity generating station for St Agnes.

The generator, near Periglis Cottage on St Agnes, would ensure the island can function if the high voltage undersea cable from St Mary’s fails or was snagged by shipping.

Councillors heard about the potentially devastating impact of a prolonged power failure on some diverse businesses including the ice cream making at Troy town farm

There’s been the capacity to generate electricity on St Agnes since 1980 but demand has increased and if there was an emergency, the current generator wouldn’t be able to provide enough power.

There were environmental concerns voiced by the IOS wildlife trust over the loss of part of a bulb field. David Mawer claimed this is happening across the island at an alarming rate and suggested finding another site.

St Agnes Meadow and Big Pool which can flood

The Trust says it also wants anti-leak protection on the fuel tanks as there is potential for the Big Pool area to flood. Western Power needs to store oil as there isn’t currently sufficient storage at the site.

St Agnes Councillor, Mollie Peacock, thought it was a shame that site was going to developed but the island needs the power.

The new site will be set back 5m from the road and equipment will be green in colour to minimise the visual impact . The development will be screened by a Pittosporum hedge.