Museum Launches New Visitor Information

The Museum on St Mary's

New vistor information detailing the archaeology of Scilly was officially launched at the Museum last night.

Henrietta Quinnell of Exeter University, who helped fund the project, attended the evening.

Henrietta made a £3000 bequest to the museum in the name of her late husband Norman, who catalogued the historic sites of the islands in 1978 as an Ordnance Survey officer. Henrietta said that her husband considered his time on the islands to be one of the highlights of his working life and after his death in 2008, she wanted to make some form of contribution as a memorial.

The new visitor material at the Museum

Norman relied on a team of volunteers and Henrietta would love to hear from anyone who worked with Norman and his colleagues, Nick Attrill and John Barton.

His team moved in for the Spring and Henrietta told attendees last night that the conditions under which they worked were interesting.

They had no travel budget and had to sometimes work around the tripper boats – the record of the cairn on Round Island was made only when Norman persuaded a tourist boat to “pause long enough for him to climb to the top of the Island and check for any remains.”

She added that Scilly was fortunate to be surveyed before the 1980’s when cuts imposed by the Thatcher government removed the archeological division from the OS.

The money has funded our new museum guides, leaflets in four languages, four sets of postcards, two computers and a data projector, and Henrietta says she’s delighted with what has been achieved.

Guests at last night's reception