Campaign Wants Scilly Added To Olympic Route

Island Tourism is launching a campaign to get London 2012 organisers to add Scilly to the route of the Olympic torch.

The flaming emblem of the Olympics Games will be carried for 70 days until the opening ceremony on July 27th next year.

It will visit plenty of islands including Shetland, Orkney, the Isle of Lewis and, to rub salt in the wounds after the recent war of words, it will visit  Jersey, which isn’t officially in the UK.

The nearest it’ll get to us is Lands’ end at the start of the procession on May 19.

Joint Chairman of Island tourism, Euan Rodger, wants ideas from residents on what we can do to lobby the organising committee to include Scilly.

A Facebook campaign may be on the cards and he also intends to contact senior Olympic figures to ensure that the islands are not left out.

He says it is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Scilly to take part in the biggest sporting event on  the globe and the  publicity that a visit would bring would be valuable.

Christine Hicks of St Agnes thinks it should start here in Britain’s most south-westerly community.

She’s angry that the islands have been overlooked and says that the powers-that-be seem to pick and choose as to when Scilly is important to the UK or not.

She says that when it comes to taxes it’s okay for us to pay but when there’s a great event like this then suddenly were not part of it.

When we contacted the the London 2012 Olympic press officer, she first thought we were part of the Isle of Wight. She then mailed back to say that they are working on the details of the exact route and will be finalising the full details  November.