Parents To Be Consulted On New School Timetable

Parents of pupils at the Five Islands School will be consulted tomorrow on proposed changes to the school day.

School headteacher Bryce Wilby says timetables will be realigned to take into account the single school site on St Mary’s next school year.

At the moment lessons are held at different times on the two St Mary’s bases which means some teaching staff waste time if they finish lessons on one site and there’s still time before the next lesson starts at another.

The school won’t start much earlier than now but on Fridays, secondary pupils will be in lessons until 3.30pm instead of finishing at 2.40pm as they currently do.

Some parents have requested that the school calendar could be changed to allow for a shorter Summer holiday, because of parents working through the busy Summer tourist season, and a longer half term in February.

Bryce says it could be looked at in the future but that’s another discussion and the calendar has been set through to 2013 already.