Fly The Scillonian Flag Says Visitor

The Scillonian Cross, designed in 2002

A visitor to the islands thinks we should do more to fly the Scillonian flag.

Mike Pryor is a flag enthusiasts who is on holiday at the Bell Rock hotel from Wiltshire – at home he runs an online gallery and shop for his own county banner.

He’d like to see more of the Scillonian Cross, designed in 2002, consisting of a white cross on an orange and blue background with a depiction of the five islands in stars at the top right corner.

But Graham Bartram, a flag expert and Chief Vexillologist at The Flag Institute says that, although the islands’ flag is registered as the official flag of Scilly, historically we come under Cornwall, so we could fly both.On Saturday, Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government announced that he wants to make it easier for people to fly regional flags. Whilst you may need planning permission for a flag pole, you don’t for the flag itself although you might need permission for anything deemed to be advertising.

The council occasionally flies its flag on the Town Hall and Tony Smith says he proudly flies the Union Jack at Porthcressa flats as his son is serving in Afghanistan as a bomb disposal expert.