MP Wants Guarantee On Through Trains To Penzance

Scilly MP Andrew George

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George, is insitiing that any future negotiation on the Great Western Rail franchise should at least guarantee the existing through train to Penzance.

First Great Western say they wont go for a 3 year franchise renewal but have great plans for the route and they will wait to hear the timeline for the government to advertise a longer francise.

Mr George is concerned that any attempt to concentrate solely on services to Plymouth and Exeter will leave rail users coming to Penzance as poor relations.

He admits that  Cornish rail users know they are never going to get a super fast service between Penzance and Paddington during the period of the forthcoming renegotiated franchise.

But he says they do deserve a good range of services, reliability, comfort and competitive ticket pricing.

Many trains are currently overcrowded and new carriage design has left long distance commuters with very cramped conditions and insufficient luggage capacity.

Andrew George adds that many passengers have to “pay through the nose.”