Moorwell Alp “Isn’t Supposed To Be Happening” Says MEP

The rubbish dump, dubbed the 'Moorwell Alp'

One of Scilly’s MEP’s has expressed her surprise at the sight of the mound of rubbish at the Council’s Moorwell Alp.

And she has begun her own fact-finding mission into Scilly’s most infamous eyesore.

Julie Girling says she understands that things are different on islands but she is also used to the special waste management challenges of Gibraltar, which is in her constituency.

She said she is sure that the mound of rubbish “isn’t supposed to be happening.”

Julie Girling, one of Scilly's MEPs

Speaking to Radio Scilly on the waste issue she said, “There are issues of scale but I don’t see why there isn’t more going on” adding in her home area of the Cotswolds, 80% is recycled and only 20% goes to landfill.

Talking about Scilly’s lack of formal waste recycling she said, “People are not being helped to do what I know they want to do.”

Julie says she will ask questions about the rubbish pile, which some listeners claim is getting higher, and report back to Radio Scilly before she ends her four day visit.