Walkers Complete Five Islands Coastal Walk

A team of 11 volunteers walked around the entire coastal paths of the five inhabited islands yesterday in aid of the Parkinson’s Disease  Society.

The group set off at 6am from Tesco’s New Inn and completed the challenge at around 6.30pm.

When we caught up with the group, on their final leg of their route around St. Mary’s yesterday lunchtime, they were on schedule and showing few signs that they’d already covered 24 miles around Tresco, St Martin’s and St Mary’s, although Robin Lawson told us that he had to keep changing his socks because his feet were getting hot and sweaty.

Robin Lawson walking past Carn Thomas on the St Mary's leg of the walk

When asked whether any of the walkers had ‘hit the wall’ he told us that he wasn’t sure whether that happened to walkers, but quickly added he thought they’d soon find out.


Judith Barnes, a visitor from Somerset, joined the walkers on their route around St Mary’s. She said she was walking partly to enjoy the lovely scenery but also her thoughts were with a friend suffering from Parkinson’s.

Tresco resident, David Hamilton said he’d really enjoyed the walk, especially chatting with the group en route. He told us that, now St Mary’s was out of the way, they’d ‘broken the back’ of the walk.

He added ‘when we see Cromwell’s Castle from the North end of Bryher, we’ll know we’re nearly home.’

Walkers on The Strand