Success For Art Scilly 2011

Oriel Hicks, organiser of Art Scilly

This years’ Art Scilly went much better than the inuagrale event last year, according to organiser, Oriel Hicks.

And plans are already being drawn up for the 2012 event with leaflets giving details being handed out at the end of event session at Phoenix arts studios on Saturday.

Art Scilly encourages visitors and locals to ‘have a go’ at various arts and crafts with local artists and designers.

Oriel said classes were well attended this year with many events being fully booked in advance, adding that the extra publicity had made a big difference. She said that they had worked hard this year to increase awareness although some visitors were still unaware of the events on offer and they needed to work even harder on this next year.

Many of this years attendees were enthusiastic about the classes. Margaret Reed from Susex only found out about the event or her way over from Penzance. She missed it last year and was delighted to find out it was happening during her visit.

She says the quality of teaching was excellent with the teachers being relaxed and encouraging although she agreed that more advertising would be better adding “it’s too good to miss.”

Oriel told us that people often have low expectations of their abilities in art but says good teaching can bring out real talent. “Its amazing what people can achieve – in fact they’re often astonished by their own ability.”

There will be changes in 2012 though.

Oriel told us she thought that participation from the off islands was low and they may need to talk to the boatmen next year to see if boats can be put on at the right times. They’ll aim for events on every off island next year and she’s already heard from two off islanders who want to run classes.

Also, the ‘Hub’ at Tregarthens’ Hotel was hard to find for tourists and created staffing challenges by dividing the voluntary effort. Oriel says a site on Holgates’ Green, like Walk Scilly, may be a better idea.

Images of the sessions on all the islands will stay up for another week at the Pheonix Studios.