Scillonian Entertainers Still Pull In The Crowds

The Scillonian Entertainers gave their first show of the new season last night.

June Lethbridge from the Scillonian Entertainers

But these popular variety shows are becoming a rarer event.

The shows have been running for many years and feature some of the best singing and acting talent on the islands. They’ve been such a hit with former visitors that some even used to arrange their holidays around the show dates.

However, the shows which used to run every fortnight are now less frequent, running every 7 weeks.

Organiser, June Lethbridge, says it’s getting more difficult to find cast members with enough time to dedicate to rehearsals because everyone is working so hard. ‘We just have to run them when everyone is available’ she added.

June says last night’s event went very well with the hall half full and few slips ups from the cast – in contrast to the dress rehearsal. Sketches included Neil Middleton from the Atlantic Hotel playing a job centre employee, interviewing job applicants, each with a song to fit their job.

And if you fancy treading the boards yourself, June says they’re always on the lookout for new talent.