Good Turnout For Stitching And Quilting Exhibition

Examples of the stitching groups' work

Its the second of a two-day stitching and quilting exhibition at the church pavilion, next to the parish church today.

There was a good turnout yesterday of visitors and islanders who wanted to see images of Scilly portrayed through intricate needlework on quilts, blankets and fabrics.

The work of the Lyonesse quilters was also drawing a crowd.

The group is making personalised comforting blankets that children in the soon-to-open children’s hospice in St Austell will be able to use.

Jill Wilson

Jill Wilson says when you see the breadth of the group’s work on display you can see what a productive communitty the sticthers are.

And there are male members of the stitching group too. Jill says men have a different approach to stitching, being much more organised and taking more of an ‘engineering approach’ to their work.

One of the display items, fabric postcards, could ofer an unique way to send a message home from holiday.

Visitors admiring the work of the Stitching Group