Lonely Planet Highlights The Good and Bad of Scilly

According to the 9th edition of Lonely Planet’s Great Britain guidebook, “If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no getting away from it – Britain ain’t cheap.”

The latest version of the guide says public transport, admission fees, restaurants and hotel rooms all tend to be expensive compared with their equivalents in other European countries.

And they start the review of our islands with a warning that travelling here is major expense.

Accommodation recommended on St Mary’s includes Belmont, Blue Carn Cottage, The Star Castle and St Mary’s Hall Hotel.

It says the Garrison Campsite is a cut above many other sites in Scilly.

On Tresco it recommends a stay at the New Inn along with the Island Hotel, which it says has ‘regal rooms and a price tag to match’. It also mentions the Flying Boat Club apartments.

Bryer’s Hell Bay Hotel is described as a real ‘pamper pad’.

It says that accommodation options on St Martin’s are almost non-existent apart from one super-expensive hotel, a campsite and a handful of B&Bs. Polreath also receives a mention.

On St Agnes, accommodation at Covean Cottage and the campsite is featured.

The guide recommends off-islands dining at the Turk’s Head, calling the pub a real treat.

On St Martin’s, food from Little Arthur Farm is described as ‘wonderful’ and the Bakery gets a mention.