The Oscar Goes To… Tresco

LAG Vice-chair Bill Wilson presenting Robert Dorrien-Smith with a LAG plaque for the Colossus exhibit

Tresco’s latest attraction has been officially launched.

It’s a five meter high stern figure from the back of the wreck the Colossus, nicknamed Oscar.

Oscar forms part of a new display in the history room which was unveiled in front of  local dignatories, archaeologists and Marine historians on Friday.

Diver and author Richard Larne and Scilly Museum curator Amanda Martin have recorded audio messages about the history of the ship which can be played on demand in the room by  pressing a
button and using headphones.

Close up of 'Oscar'

Oscar was given a special space away from the Valhalla figurehead musuem as it was thought his size would change the dynamic there.

He  is protected from wandering hands by the triangulation grid used when divers searched the Colossus site and by some toughened museum display glass.

The project was funded by the Local Action Group and that meant he had to be on public display and available to view without paying an addmission charge. The LAG topped up cash raised by locals.

Mike Nelhams is unsure why the name Oscar was chosen but it seems to have come from members of the Mary Rose trust who christened the figure and the name stuck.