New Book on Colossus Mixes Fact and Fiction

A new book, mixing historical facts about the wreck of the Colossus and some fictional elements set in modern times is launched today.

“Shadows in the Sand” has been written by former island resident and published author, Glynis Cooper.

Glynis wants island bookshops to be able to sell her latest work before she takes it online with Amazon.

She typed the manustrcipt at a relative’s home in California but says her memory and knowlegde of Scilly is so clear, that didnt make any difference.

Glynis reckons setting a novel in our islands can only broaden its appeal as people often want to visit the places associated with novels they’ve read.

And there could be follow-up novels. Glenys says the fact that just a ship’s stern figure was found, Oscar, who is now on display at Tresco, could lead to another story speculating where the other stern figure could be.