Scam Warning Over Inheritance Letters

Islanders are being warned about a new letter scam which is being sent to residents.

Daniel Lawson, Manager of the Bell Rock Hotel, received a letter claiming he had been left a sizable legacy by a distant relative called ‘Henry’ Lawson who died in China. Daniel didn’t fall for the scam but said the letter was very plausible, with real bank details and phone numbers, and might fool some people.

He googled the bank details and found many cases of people receiving the same letter. The letter had a Hull postmark.

We’ve since heard from Richard Mills, who also received a similar letter, but with a different relative, Henry Mills.

In a separate warning, PCSO Shirley Graham called from St. Mary’s police station to tell us that a call centre is ringing to offer computer repairs for £40. They appear to go by postcode sector and flood us with calls. Shirley has seen this scam before and some islanders were conned last time.