Islanders Attend Future of Tourism Report Consultation

Julian Pearce and Tim Guthrie and the Blu Sail report consultation

Around 50 people attended the consultation over the Blues Sail Future of Tourism report yesterday.

Tim Guthrie and Julian Pearce, who met with attendees, said that on the whole, the comments were positive but there was some concerns over the proposal to merge the different organisations that deal with the tourist industry on the islands – Islands tourism, Island Marketing and the council services – into one body.

Julian Pearce says some people felt they wouldn’t be able to have such an input into decision-making with the larger body.

The cost of travel to our islands was an issue on which they received feedback but while residents may find the cost of travel to the mainland a concern, it appears that many visitors don’t want cheaper fares because they believe this would bring in less desirable visitors and make the islands less exclusive.

Some people have complained that the research work, at a cost of £60,000, was unnecessary. Julian says £40,000 of that cost was grant money and each partner, including the council, has put in just £3000, which he says is a bargain.