Polling Stations Open in Historic AV Referendum

The Town Hall and off island polling stations are open today for only the second referendum in UK history.

And the referendum on the UK voting system could help bring national publicity for our islands.

All parts of the UK will count the results of today’s ballot from 4 o’clock tomorrow. And with our small number of people on the electoral role, Sue Pritchard, the Council’s administration officer, reckons our area will be the first to declare a result.

If that’s the case, with it being the tourism season, the Town Hall staff hope that it will push Scilly into people’s minds as a place to visit.

The off-island votes will be taken by boat to St Mary’s Quay where Sue will meet them tonight and they will be stored overnight in a secure place. The count will take place here rather than at Redruth where the general election ballots are sent.

Early signs indicate that there has been less interest than in general elections and there have been fewer requests for postal votes on the islands.

It’s a simple yes or no option on the form and Sue says satff won’t be able to explain the options you are voting for in case they are accused of leading you.