Police Step Up Industrial Estate Patrols

St Mary’s police  they will make extra weekend patrols of the industrial estate after they uncovered a secret unauthorised party underway.

The party was discovered when the ambulance was called to Porthmellon on Sunday evening after a teenage girl sustained an injury to her leg.

When the crew arrived they, they saw the door of the former wholesaler premises open and  discovered around 40 young people partying inside.

Police were called and said there were signs that there had been drinking but the revellers were trying to be as quiet as possible and were not playing any music.

The building, which was sold by liquidators earlier this year, is now Council property but power has been left switched on

The get-together was good natured but the police are investigating how the group got keys to access the warehouse.

Reuben Maybrey described the police’s version of events as “Chinese whispers”, saying that a group of friends were on Porthmellon beach on Sunday night when one of the group hurt her leg. The group decided to enter the old wholesalers building as it had begun to rain and they needed to help the injured person.

Police believe the unit has been used in previous weeks and think this was a coordinated event as there were quite a few off island teenagers present.