Slippen Wins Gig Sailing Race

Five gigs raised sails for the gig sailing race outside the harbour yesterday.

The Royal, Genie, Helford, Nornour and Slippen started.

And the Islands boats did best with the Slippen completing the circuit in 59 minutes and the Nornour in 69 mins.

The Slippen was crewed by Richard Mills and a couple of his sailing instructors and the, Nornour, was skippered by Keith Buchanan.

The Genie retired early as did the Helford, which sustained some damage in the difficult conditions and needed bailing out after she took on water. There were 4 safety boats on standby.

There was uncertainty over whether the race was going to take place because of the strong wind warning.

It didn’t hapen last year because of the weather.

The previous year the Royal won and she has since been rebuilt and better equipped for sailing.