St Agnes Celebrates Royal Wedding in Style

A festive street-party was held on St Agnes today.

The event, which took place outside the local Five Islands School base on its recently constructed ornamental patio, was dominated by a decorated six-tier wedding cake made out of cardboard by the seven primary pupils.

School children and toddlers were joined by their mums and several other island ladies: even some of the Agnes menfolk put in an appearance. In addition to drink and nibbles, residents provided a wide selection of sandwiches and home-made cakes by way of refreshment.

The newly-installed patio door allowed easy access for revellers to watch the day’s proceedings in London on both the school’s White Board and flat-screen TV.

Fast asleep and missing all the fun was tiny Aaron Osbert Hicks, Sam and Laura’s third child and born just a few days after the funeral of 82 year old Osbert ‘Obbie’ Hicks, Sam’s grandfather.

The previous day School Hill had also witnessed another modest-sized but special gathering: this time locally rather than nationally-inspired. It took place in the refurbished Snooker Room where islanders had invited retiring GP Dougal Jeffries and wife Zanna to a farewell coffee morning. Tea, biscuits and plenty more home-made cake was also provided.

On behalf of the island, Wendy Hick thanked Dougal for his 10 years of excellent service to the community. She presented him with a painting from St Agnes artist Emma Eberlein and a £150 B&Q voucher with which to buy a garden shed for his new garden on the mainland, money for which had been donated by islanders.