Transport Subsidies for Elderly Secure Says Council

The future of subsidised transport for elderly or disabled islanders is secure for another year after Councillors agreed creative accounting to keep the Buzza Bus and the concessionary boat fare going.

The Government hasn’t provided any grant support for the services this year meaning the service could have stopped.

But The Town Hall has been able to divert funds from the Handypersons’ Scheme, a service that supports small DIY jobs for the eligible.

The last government’s Handypersons’ grant wasn’t used up completely as the islands’ scheme started later than expected although there are conditions on the cash, which must be used on home maintenance type works.

But the following year’s money isn’t restricted in its use, so Councillors can use it to sub the Dial and Ride and supported off-islander trips.

Richard McCarthy wants Council staff to tell the Government that it isn’t fair that we haven’t had funding because we’re not like other areas. He says “most civil servants don’t appreciate that the majority of our transport is water-related rather than land-based.”