No Planning Permission for Police Station Refurbishment

Solar Panels placed on the roof of St Mary’s police station may have to be removed as they were installed without planning permission.

The major building works have forced the suspension of public access to the front desk of the police station but Radio Scilly can reveal the development started without an application.

In a statement, the Police Estates Department said “photovoltaic panels are not normally a Planning Authority issue. It was brought to our notice that it is necessary to have planning approval on the Isles of Scilly. Further to the application, we have undertaken additional consultation with the Local Planning Authority to ensure that a retrospective application is acceptable.”

Chief Planning Office Craig Dryden says the Government has allowed some leeway for these units to be placed if they are not visually intrusive. They are on the roof and side of the station and can be seen from the Highway.

If there is an objection, planners will decide whether the appearance of the site had been affected.